Due to Salon restrictions and without offence we do not offer ANY grooming services for the following breeds:

  • German Shepherds
  • Border Collies
  • Schnauzers – Mini/Standard or Poodle X
  • West Highland Terriers
  • Scottish Terriers
  • Lagottos

Nail Trimming

We do not offer nail trimming as a standalone service

Anal Glands

We do not express Anal Glands:  Anal glands are an internal organ and should be expressed naturally by the dog as they defecate.  If the dog is not expressing naturally we recommend seeing your vet. 

Pricing Policies

**NOTE ** All grooming prices (including estimates given over the phone) are a guide only and are based on breed standards*. Prices are also dependent on the exact size of your dog, temperament, coat type (ie long coat, smooth coat, double coat) and the coat condition of your dog.

Double coated / long coated breeds, of whatever size, may incur extra charges and may be charged on an hourly basis due to extra work involved compared to smooth coated breeds.

Exact prices can be given on arrival once your dog and dog’s coat has been assessed.

ALL prices are subject to change if once on the table:

  • your dog is matted & extra time is required to either de-mat or clip off your dogs coat for their health and wellbeing.
  • your dog has gone longer than 8 weeks between grooms and the coat is in poor condition and requires additional work

We will inform you in writing of any price adjustments when notifying you that your dog is ready for collection.


We are strictly by appointment only.  If you are 15mins late for your appointment we will require the appointment to be rescheduled.  Maverick’s is a small owner operator salon and we have strict allocations of time to ensure all customers receive the highest standards of service.  We appreciate your cooperation in helping us maintain our timeframes and standards of service.


We require 48 hours notice to cancel an appointment.  Same day and No Show cancellations will incur a $30 penalty payable at your next styling session.  We will inform you of the fee when rescheduling via text message.


We have a zero tolerance policy for unnecessary rudeness and unkindness.  At all times our number one concern is the health and wellbeing of the dog in our care.  We understand the frustrations when a completed groom is not as expected.  We request for dogs requiring regular grooming that you re-book every 6-8 weeks so we can provide professional maintenance on your dog’s coat.  This will avoid disappointment and will increase the health and wellbeing of your dog’s skin and overall comfort.  Your dog’s wellbeing is our greatest priority. 

Refusal to Groom

We reserve the right to request you find an alternative groomer if you are unwilling to appreciate that we are 100% focused on your dog’s wellbeing at all times.  This dedication to your dog may result in an outcome less aesthetically pleasing than expected.  We recommend 6-8 weeks between grooming session to assist us achieve the outcome you desire.

We reserve the right to expel any dog showing aggressive behaviours.

Salon Policies, Procedures, Terms & Conditions

By booking and attending your appointment you agree to the following salon policies, procedures, terms and conditions – 


  • A reminder message of your appointment will be sent via SMS. We ask that you please respond to this by close of business on the day you receive it. Unconfirmed bookings may be cancelled and a $30 fee (per dog) will be applied.
  • Changes or cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to your appointment to avoid a $30 late cancellation fee, this then gives us time to fill that appointment.
  • Unconfirmed, late cancellations and no shows may incur a $30 fee.
  • If you are running late, we ask that you please advise us via a phone call.
  • The salon is run by appointment, if you are more than 15 minutes late this impacts the entire day. If we have not been advised, your appointment may be cancelled.

We ask that our desire to provide a one in – one out appointment only salon is respected by confirming appointments, ensuring you arrive on time for your scheduled appointment and collect your fur baby within the requested timeframe.

*fees to be charged are at management’s discretion.


  • Please do not return until you receive your collection message. If we are still working on your dog and you return earlier than expected, your dog will be happy and excited to see you, this will make our job harder and more dangerous. If this does occur we will kindly ask you to leave the salon so the groom can be finished, this may result in extra time required to complete the groom.
  • If arriving early to collect your dog, please phone ahead rather than just dropping in.
  • Please allow a minimum of 2 hours for the groom to be completed.

Should your dog sustain an injury whilst being groomed, and we have indicated such to you, we will take responsibility for any veterinary treatment required for that injury.  If the injury is sustained due to the poor condition of your dogs coat we will not take responsibility.  A poorly maintained coat is extremely difficult to navigate.  We use extreme caution and care but matting creates unknown issues until exposed by clippers/scissors.

  • Please inspect your dog’s groom prior to departing and let us know if you’d like anything changed (we will be happy to rectify issues before your leave the salon)


We are a cruelty free grooming salon.  Your dog’s well-being is our top priority.  Regular grooming sessions – we recommend no longer than 8 weeks with weekly at home brushing – will enable us to achieve the outcome you desire.  After 8 weeks (and if there is insufficient at home brushing) we are limited by the condition of the dog’s coat as to what outcome we can achieve.

  • We reserve the right to modify your dog’s haircut and price in accordance with coat condition (which will be explained to you at drop off) i.e.
    • if it has been longer than 8 weeks between visits;
    • if staff feel no brushing has been undertaken at home in between visits;
    • if your dog is matted.  We are a cruelty free grooming salon.  Your dog’s comfort – during and after the grooming session is our only priority.
    • If your dog is matted and staff feel an injury may occur in the process of brushing/combing/dematting (this may cause rashing/haematoma’s etc.)

  • Whilst we take all due care to ensure no injury occurs during your dog’s grooming visit, IF your dog does sustain an injury as a DIRECT result of the condition of your dog’s coat, we will not be held responsible.
  • If staff notice fleas on your dog, a flea treatment will be given.  There is a $15 flea rinse charge applied.  This is due to the time (the shampoo must stay on the dog for 10minutes to be effective) and the sterilising of the salon.
  • If you are unhappy with your experience at Maverick’s we ask that you bring this to our attention and allow us the chance to resolve the issue with mutual respect.


  • All prices, given over the phone or without having personally assessed your dog, are an estimate only and are subject to change at management’s discretion.
  • Extra charges may apply due to excessive matting, extra time grooming or stylised trims.

The Salon

  • We are a 100% open plan salon.
  • Please enter with respect to our other customers.  We may have a dog on our table who will become excited by your presence.  Entering with a calm demeanour is greatly appreciated.
  • Please bring your dog into the salon with a lead and collar/harness.
  • Please ensure your dog has toileted before entering the salon (clean up fees may apply).
  • Respect of our professional assessment of your dogs coat and subsequent groom is essential.  We groom with the well-being of your dog at the forefront of our skills. 
  • Abuse, in any form, to management and/or staff will not be tolerated and will result in refusal of service.