about Mavericks

Since 2007, as a groomer, I have been passionate about providing professional, caring and 100% well-being grooming services.

Maverick’s is named after our beautiful boy Maverick our 3 year old Labrador who completes our little family.

We have chosen to open a small salon in our local area that will provide the one-on-one focused service that is proven to assist dogs feel calmer during the grooming process. 

We saw an opportunity to provide a calm, safe space with one in – one out appointment scheduling and are basing our business on this structure.

Most dogs, unfortunately, find the grooming service overwhelming as they much prefer to be unbrushed, hairy and rolling in things humans prefer not to think about! Our hope is that by keeping our numbers limited and completing the grooms within our preferred timeframe.

*with your help by being on time for drop off and pickups*

….we will help make the sessions as stress free as possible for the dogs in our care.

our priority

Our Mission

To provide a professional well-being and positive grooming experience for our fur clients.

“Karen has been our groomer of choice for years.  Exceptional service every time.  Bella and Monty adore her and can barely contain their excitement when they see her. Highly recommend!”



Where Your Dogs Wellbeing Is Our Greatest Priority

  • Wash & Brush
  • Wash & Tidy
  • Wash & Full Trim